Short term liquidity needs?

During Christmas season of 2018, investors were seemingly panicked and selling. Some of our private clients were calling and asking to sell equities from their portfolios.  At that time, the S&P 500 valuations had become relatively low, to the point where we were suggesting that this moment was a good time to buy.  Granite Group sent out a blog in the hopes of sharing our opinion and instilling  confidence that the markets were not going to collapse. Our perspective was that we could get as much as a 20% rebound to the upside from the Christmas lows.

We also know that there are periods of time when the markets are fairly valued.  Today, we write for people who might have short term needs.  At this stage, until we see the next batch of earnings and growth, our perspective is that the market is fairly valued. This might be a good point to raise some cash to help pay for short term needs, like college tuition, general expenses or expected retirement. In general, If you have short term liquidity needs, we encourage you to look at your allocation to make sure it reflects not only your personal risk, but your personal needs. If you need help, please call us at (203) 210-7814.

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