During the Covid crisis we spent many days having webinars to try to calm people’s nerves about what we saw as the outcome of all recessions and market dislocations. Our advice was to stay the course and continue to add to your retirement funds. As we approach the middle of June the market has almost fully recovered the enormous losses incurred at the beginning of the year. While we made the point that the market is a future predictor and will be recovering ahead of the economy, it is important to recognize that the economy has not recovered yet. This is a good time to reflect on how you felt during this period and if you were comfortable with your portfolio during the crisis. If you were uncomfortable with your portfolio during the crisis then it may be a good time to retake the questionnaire and make sure your portfolio represents your investment comfort. We encourage to login and retake the questionnaire with your company’s credentials here. Please feel free to call us for help.

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